Kings Parade

Welcome to our seaside garden, where sustainability and wildlife take centre stage. Inspired by the coastal beauty that surrounds us, as well as the innovative techniques of places like the Beth Chatto Gardens and Knepp Castle, we have created a space that harmoniously blends nature, repurposed materials, and artistry.

As you step into the garden, you’ll notice the absence of traditional borders. In their place, mini sand dunes rise and fall, crafted from the repurposed concrete of the old driveway and mixed with existing soil. These dunes not only provide a unique visual element but also serve as a reminder of the nearby coastline. Walking along the garden’s wooden railway sleeper path, you’ll feel as if you’re strolling along rays of sunlight bursting through the clouds.

The boundary of the garden is formed by sleepers, playfully arranged in a wiggly line at varying heights. They create a dynamic and organic edge, inviting exploration and offering spaces for the family to sit and play. Amongst these sculptural elements, boulders stand as natural sculptures, adding a touch of rugged beauty and providing platforms to climb upon.

At the heart of the garden lies a mini natural pond, acting as a focal point and attracting a variety of wildlife. It breathes life into the space, offering a tranquil retreat for both human visitors and the creatures that call it home. In our commitment to sustainability, we have replaced the traditional plastic downpipe with a rain chain, allowing rainwater to cascade gracefully, becoming a part of the garden’s interactive charm.

When it comes to plant selection, we’ve chosen species that can withstand the challenges of coastal climates and adapt to the changing environment. Among them, you’ll find Pinus waterii and Pinus mugo ‘Bengiman,’ providing evergreen beauty. Coastal favorites like Eriyngium maritimum, Crambe maritima, Armeria maritima, and Rosa rugosa add bursts of color and texture. Grasses such as Muhlenbergia riggers, Panicum, and Leymus arenarius sway gently in the breeze, mimicking the movement of beach grasses.

The garden seamlessly integrates with its surroundings, mirroring the plants and materials found on the adjacent beaches. By framing the view and diverting attention from the bustling road, we’ve created a peaceful oasis for relaxation and escape. The atmosphere here is one of playfulness, rest, and informality, inviting both adults and children to let their imaginations run wild.

This seaside garden serves as a front garden for our clients’ holiday home, a place where the family can unwind during school breaks and weekends. It offers a natural playground for the children, encouraging them to explore and connect with nature

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